Favorite spinning rod of Konstantin Kuzmin

Favorite spinning rod of Konstantin Kuzmin

Favorite spinning rod of Konstantin Kuzmin

Belarusian fishermen impatiently waited for the beginning of November and it is understandable why... One of the most famous spinning anglers of our time Konstantin Kuzmin was going to visit Belarus for the first time.

From 3rd to 5th of November Konstantin Kuzmin visited two Belarusian cities, Minsk and Grodno, and met with local fishing fans. This event was organized with the support of the EcoGroup company, the brand Maximus and the fishing shops named Ulov and PapaFish.

During  the event, Konstantin Kuzmin was talking about Maximus spinning rods. Those models he tested personally: Wild Power, Neon Spy, Manic, Black Widow and Ultimatum. He talked about how the spinning rod's industry has changed over the past 10 years and how modern budgetary spinning rods has become more technologically advanced. Also Konstantin answered many questions from the audience, confirming the answers with examples from his fishing practice. The seminar participants confirmed  the event was very interesting and informative. We hope that everyone has learned many new and useful things for themselves.

As part of his trip, Konstantin Kuzmin could not but go fishing. He chose the Augustow Canal near Grodno. By the way, he also took there Neon Spy model of Maximus spinning rod. He chose this model from many proposed ones, noting its brightness and omnitude. According to his words, he visited different places of the world with this rod and it showed excellent results everywhere.

The first trout competitions for the Maximus Cup in Latvia

The first trout tournament called Maximus Area Trout Fishing Cup was held in October 15, 2017 on the Valdemar Diki ponds in the suburbs of Riga (Latvia).

EFTTEX 2017: Scale new heights

EvroFish company presented on the international annual EFTTEX exhibition, which was held 29.06-01.07 in Budapest rapidly developing fishing rods brand MAXIMUS.

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