This is a rod specially designed for sea boat fishing or so called vertical jigging rod. This budget and lightweight fishing rod is made from a composite heavy-duty material. Blank is fitted with special guides in durable LRX frames designed to withstand extreme loads, and deep-seated Gold Cermet rings, perfectly protected against damages. Handle is made in accordance with Powered Grip Construction technology from durable fined-pored EVA. A special perforation is applied to the upper part of the handle making the grasp more comfortable. Powerful reel seat is made from solid aluminum alloy. Butt section has a gimbal for use with fight belt. This rod is ideal for rough boat fishing for trophy cod, catfish, pollack and halibut.

  • Composite material
  • 2 sections
  • Put over power joint
  • Reel seat
  • Reinforced screw down design with two clamping nuts
  • Guides
  • High quality Gold Cermet guides
  • Antitwisting Tip
  • Tangle Free design, durable LRX frames
  • Reinforced, double foot
  • Handle
  • Powered Grip Construction
  • Carbon gimbal buttcap
  • Material: EVA (neoprene)
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    Item Material Length, cm Transport Length, cm Weight, g Guides Sections Test, Lb Test, g
    MBRDH210MH Composite 210 105 465 8 2 30 Up to 500


    210 105 480 8 2 50 Up to800

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