This sea rod is specially designed for catching trophy halibut, cod, ling or sea bass. Sea Empire rods are produced using the unique Multi Tip Concept the idea of which is that rods are supplied with two tips for different purposes:
1) Interline Tip (fishing line runs inside the blank) – for fishing at depths up to 100m. The blank becomes more powerful due to equal load distribution.
2) Tip with classic guides placement is ideal for fishing at depths greater than 100m where fast sinking of a lure is more important than power characteristics of a blank.
Each rod of this series is supplied with two tips which makes it really universal in the very best sense of the word. You will be prepared for any situation that may arise. If you have lost or broken one tip, you can continue fishing using the second one. In fact, you will get two rods in one. Sea Empire blanks are made of IMS carbon featuring unique Power Carbon Construction providing ultimate strength which is so necessary to handle extreme load when fighting a trophy sized fish. Sea Empire rods are equipped with a quality aluminum gimbal buttcap, reliable aluminum reel seat with two clamp nuts, excellent SIC guides with modern stainless steel LC (Low Rider) frames and salt water protection. The handle is made using Powered Grip Construction technology of a durable fined-pored EVA (neoprene). A special perforation is applied to the upper part of the handle making the grasp more comfortable.
These rods are capable of more than we expect. The elastic tip absorbs jerks very well whereas the powerful butt section allows to fight a big halibut or cod.

  • Material: IMS carbon
  • 2 sections + additional tip
  • Конструкция – штекерная усиленная
  • Reinforced put-over joint
  • Reel seat
  • Reinforced aluminum screw down design with two clamping nuts
  • Guides
  • SIC guides
  • Antitwisting Tip
  • Heavy Duty Tip Top with enlarged and improved profile of the insert
  • Heavy Duty Tangle Free frame LC
  • Reinforced, double foot
  • Power Interline construction preventing line from overlapping
  • Handle
  • Powered Grip Construction
  • Aluminum gimbal buttcap
  • Material: EVA (neoprene)
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    Item Length, cm Transport Length, cm Weight, g Guides Sections Test, lb Test, g
    MBRSE702MH 210 105 320/315 8/Interline 1+2Tips 30

    Up to 500

    MBRSE702H 210 105 325/320 8/Interline 1+2Tips 50

    Up to 700

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