Version with EVA handle. This high quality float rod, featuring a compact travel design, will meet the demands of any avid travelers. It is made of IMF graphite and fitted with lightweight high-stand match rings with SIC inserts. The match guides, placed at short intervals, prevent the fishing line from sticking to the blank and ensure an equal load distribution throughout the length of the rod.
The rod has a medium-fast action and comes with a reliable reel seat with movable lock. Its medium-fast action blank would offer good hooksets and proper performance throughout its length. At the end of the handle you will find an unscrewing butt cap for drying and easy access. The rod also comes with guides protective cap.

  • Material: IMF graphite
  • Medium-Fast Action
  • Reel seat
  • With movable lock
  • Guides
  • SIC guides
  • Lightweight, single high foot
  • Handle
  • Compact ‘Travel’ design
  • Material: EVA
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    Item Length, cm Transport Length, cm Weight, g Guides Sections Test, g
    MEHTRFNW390 390 79 235 8 6 3-15
    MEHTRFNW420 420 79 255 9 7 3-15
    MEHTRFNW450 450 79 305 10 8 3-15
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