ADVISOR spinning rods are specially designed for fishing with wobblers. The series is presented as models for jerking (Twitching) minnow wobblers, and spinning rods for catching chub on rolls. The blank is made of IMS graphite, equipped with guides with SIC inserts, in Tangle Free frames, arranged according to the K-Guide Concept. The Warm Reel Seat is equipped with a modern plastic nut that enhances the HSS (Hyper Sensitive System) sensor and ensures fishing comfort in all weather conditions. The spaced handle is made of high quality neoprene (EVA), reduces the weight of the rod while improving balance and sensitivity. Due to the use of the most modern materials and high-quality components it was possible to combine low weight and great durability.

  • IMF graphite
  • Twitching – Ex-Fast Action, Chub – Fast Action
  • Reel seat
  • Warm reel seat, ergonomic design
  • Hyper Sensitive System
  • Guides
  • SIC inserts
  • Antitwisting Tip Tulip construction
  • Tangle Free frame design
  • Mini Guide System, lightweight, on one foot
  • K-Guide System
  • Handle
  • Ergonomic design, lightweight spaced construction
  • EVA (neoprene)
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    Item Length, cm Transport Length, cm Guides Sections Test, g Test, lb
    MSAC198UL 198 103 8 2 1-7 2-6
    MSAC203L 203 105 8 2 3-12 2-10
    MSAC222ML 222 114 9 2 5-21 4-18

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