This is a great spinning rod especially designed for those, whose favourite fishing style is twitching. We have paid great attention to every detail: ultra-light weight, Ex-Fast action, high modulus HMN+HME carbon (40T+46T combination), fantastic accessories, FUJI Mini Guide System. Only when all the above components are combined in one blank we can get an ideal rod for twitching. In this case we will feel every movement of a lure, the rod will play correctly and the tip will not “fall through” when using aggressive manner of twitching. On this series Tangle Free frames are used together with lightweight FUJI Alconite KR-Concept guides. Marauder spinning rods feature superb casting performance and ideal for quick retrieve when fish needs to be taken out from water immediately, so that not to give it any chance to dive under a snag or hide in vegetation.

  • Sandwich construction – a combination of various types of high modulus carbon in one blank
  • High modulus HNM+HME carbon
  • Ex-Fast Action
  • 2 sections
  • Reinforced put-over joint
  • Carbon Wrapping Power Connection
  • Reel seat
  • FUJI
  • Warm Reel Seat, ergonomic design
  • Super Sensitive System
  • Guides
  • FUJI ALCONITE guides
  • Antitwisting Tip
  • Tangle Free frame design
  • Micro-rings Mini Guide System, maximum lightweight, single foot
  • KR-Guide System
  • Handle
  • Ergonomic design, light weight split handle
  • Material: cork
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    Weight, g Guides Sections Test, g
    MTSSM662L 198 103 86 9 2 3-14

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