Casting version of Marauder-X. Rod was specially designed for jerking retrieve technique and every detail was thoroughly developed: ultra-light, Ex-Fast action blank, made of high modulus HMN + HME graphite (40 + 46T combination). The butt section reinforced with special carbon fibers to increase rigidity and resistance to twisting. FUJI guides with Alconite inserts, placed in accordance with modern KR-Guide Concept. Only when all the above components were combined we were able to build an ideal rod for twitching. This rod will allow anglers to feel every movement of a lure, it will work precisely and the tip will not “fall through” when using an aggressive twitching technique.

  • Material: High modulus HMN+HME graphite
  • Ex-Fast Action
  • Reel seat
  • FUJI
  • Warm Reel Seat, ergonomic design
  • Super Sensitive System
  • Guides
  • FUJI guides with ALCONITE inserts
  • К-Guide frame
  • Antitwisting Tip
  • Tangle Free construction
  • Micro guides (Mini Guide System), ultra-lightweight, single foot
  • KR-Guide Concept
  • Handle
  • Ergonomic design, lightweight split-grip handle
  • Material: EVA
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    Item Length, cm Transport Length, cm Weight, g Guides Sections Test, g
    MTSCMX662L 198 103 103 10 2 3-14
    MTSCMX662ML 198 103 105 10 2 5-21
    MTSCMX662M 198 103 107 10 2 7-28

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