Model is produced in a limited edition. This specialized jigging rod has been developed with the help of professional anglers for the most comfortable and successful fishing experience. Mescalito is a lightweight, comfortable and extremely sensitive rod for fishing with all types of jigs. Thanks to its accurate Ex-Fast blank, the rod doesn’t “fall through” when using aggressive jigging methods and allows to hook the fish reliably. The spinning rod is perfectly balanced and designed for professional jigging. It features Ex-Fast action, lightweight high-performance guides, HSS reel seat (Hyper Sensitive System).

The blank is made of high modulus graphite HME, the butt section is reinforced with special carbon fibers to increase rigidity and resistance to twisting. After casting, the oscillations get dumped effectively, the blank recovers almost instantly, which results in excellent casting quality. The rod is equipped with the Korea T-Zirconia Slim Guides with ultra-thin zirconia inserts, placed in accordance with K-Guide Concept. The number of the guides and their diameters have been increased compared to the standard models. The increased number of the guides ensures an ideal load distribution throughout the length of the rod. This makes for better performance of the rod during casts and retrieves. The increased diameters of the guides on the rod make it more comfortable to use in cold temperatures. The handle is designed to achieve comfortable grip and maximum sensitivity.

  • Material: High modulus HME graphite
  • Ex-Fast Action
  • SST (Soft Sensitive Tip) – technology used to increase the sensitivity of the blank
  • Reel seat
  • Warm Reel Seat
  • Ergonomic design
  • Hyper Sensitive System
  • Guides
  • KOREA GUIDES with zirconia inserts (Zirconia)
  • К-Guide frame
  • Antitwisting Tip
  • Tangle Free construction
  • Lightweight, single foot
  • K-Guide System
  • Handle
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight split-grip handle
  • Material: EVA
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    Item Length, cm Transport Length, cm Weight, g Guides Sections Test, g Test line, lb
    MJSSME782M 234 121 138 9 2 7-35 8-20
    MJSSME802MH 244 126 142 9 2 10-42 10-24
    MJSSME802H 244 126 146 9 2 14-49 12-26
    MJSSME832MH 251 130 145 10 2 12-45 12-28
    MJSSME832H 251 130 151 10 2 14-56 12-28
    MJSSME862H 259 134 167 10 2 21-63 18-32
    MJSSME862XH 259 134 186 10 2 28-84 20-42
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