Pulse is a rockfish spinning rod  designed for catching on medium and short distances using  micro-baits requiring precise animation. In the spinning of this series, a number of unique technologies were tested and applied: Super Sensitive System2, new rings T-Zirconia Slim Ring, Stiff High Modulus Graphite Thin Solid Tip.
Let’s talk about these technologies:
Super Sensitive System2 – the blank is designed in such a way that its upper part gently expands downwards and goes into the handle due to a special transition-cone. Thus, the blank and the handle of the rod are one unit  that significantly reduces weight and adds sensitivity to a  spinning construction. A reel seat FUJI SKSS  is mounted directly on the rod blank and it gives additional sensitivity to a  spinning construction too. The tests of these rods proved their consistency. Spinning has an unsurpassed sensitivity, weighing only 78 grams at a length of 2.22 meters.
T-Zirconia Slim Ring – super light and productive rings Korea T-Zirconia Slim Ring in superlight frame with a new ultrathin zirconia insert. These rings are about 35% lighter than the classic ones with the SIC insert. Modern super light rings are a necessary attribute for ultra light class fishing rods for maximum sensitivity increase and instant recovery of the form.
Stiff High Modulus Graphite Thin Solid Tip – the superfine rigid monolithic top (insert) made of  high-modulus graphite. Allows you to make accented animation of the lightest jigs and provides incredible sensitivity.
Bandages of the spinning top rings are painted in orange for better visual control of the wiring. The combination of NANO fibers, Korea T-Zirconia Slim Ring in AT-Guide frames and Super Sensitive System2 and Mini Guide System technologies let us create an unusually light spinning rod  with incredible sensitivity and power reserve.

  • Material: High Modulus Graphite Nano Graphite Fibers
  • Fast Action
  • Rod pieces: 2
  • Design: detachable
  • Blank with a glued monolithic tip for models 702 and 732, for 762 a hollow tip
  • Reel seat
  • FUJI
  • Reel seat construction increasing sensitivity (Super Sensitive System 2)
  • Guides
  • Korea Guide with inserts of zirconia (Zirconia)
  • T-Zirconia Slim Ring ultrathin ring insert
  • AT-Guide ultralight rings for Extra and Ultralight rods
  • Antitwisting “Tulip” Tip preventing the overlapping of the line
  • Mini Guide System micro rings, as light as possible on one support
  • Guide arrangement: K-Guide System
  • Handle
  • Ergonomic design, lightweight hollow construction
  • Graphite
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    Item Length, cm Transport Length, cm Weight, g Guides Sections Test, g Test, Fishing line, kg Test, Fishing line, lb Technical tips
    MRFSP702XUL 213 110 77 9 2 0,5-4 0,5-2,5 1-5 Solid
    220 114 79 9 2
    0,8-5 0,5-2,5 1-5 Solid
    228 118 84 9 2
    1,5-8 1-3 2-6 Tubular

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