The updated Winner-X series of budget spinning rods is an affordable spinning rod that has retained the main advantages of the previous model: reliability, practicality, and versatility. The blanks of the series have a fast action, allow you to manage with fish of any size and at the same time are suitable for fishing with all types of lures – wobblers, spinners and jigs. The new generation X boasts an increased number of guides arranged according to K-Guide Concept. All guides are modern, lightweight, with SIC inserts, and in Tangle Free frames. The rod blank is made of IMF graphite. The new warm reel seat (Warm Reel Seat) is equipped with a modern plastic screw that increases sensory and provides comfort when fishing in all weather conditions. The spinning is perfectly balanced, has modern design and equipment, which allows owners of the spinning to feel confident in any situation on the water. Winner-X is not a compromise, but a conscious choice of an angler who is serious about choosing his main fishing tool.

  • IMF graphite
  • Extra Fast
  • Reel seat
  • Warm reel seat, ergonomic design
  • Guides
  • SIC guides
  • Anti-twisting tip design
  • Guides frame design to prevent line overlap (Tangle Free)
  • Lightweight, single foot
  • K-Guide System
  • Handle
  • Ergonomic design
  • EVA (neoprene)
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    Item Length, cm Transport Length, cm Weight, g Guides Sections Test, g
    MJSSWX21ML 210 110 6 2 5-21
    MJSSWX21M 210 110 6 2 7-30
    MJSSWX24ML 240 125 7 2 5-21
    MJSSWX24M 240 125 7 2 7-30
    MJSSWX24MH 240 125 7 2 17-45
    MJSSWX27M 270 140 7 2 10-35
    MJSSWX27MH 270 140 7 2 17-45

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